Why Should Learn Spanish?

Yes I know why on earth am I telling you to learn Spanish…. I mean you live in a English speaking country, your friends are English and you eat and drink in places were you socialize in English.

Why would anyone bother to learn a foreign language such as Spanish?

Not everyone appreciates the importance of engaging with the Spanish language. In today’s world the demand for multi-lingual skilled professionals is growing.

This encourages people to learn more foreign languages in order to access better job opportunities and enter well-paid professions.


I was inspired to read this post by following Anna Benett over at MalagTravelGuide.net she write regular on Marbella, Puerto Banus and Malaga Province. Best places to visit and things to do that’s off the tourist radar.

The Spanish language is one of the important languages of Europe. Worldwide, Spanish is known to be the third, if not the second most used language after English.

An example of how Spanish helped me out of a tight situation happened last summer in Malaga.

On a stag weekend with a bunch of drunks in a foreign city centre is asking for trouble especially when it gets rowdy roddy piper on ya arse.

I had learnt a few words just in case I got myself into a pickle on this trip. Nothing spectacular just a few words and a badly constructed sentence but nonetheless it worked it got me and my amigos out of trouble.

The funniest part was I didn’t learn them from a book. I learned them in a minibus carrying our stag party from Malaga Airport to our hotel in Puerto Banus!

I’ve got John the taxi driver to thank for saving my ass. He told me how to say I am sorry, I didnt meant it, my friend is drunk, it doesnt matter., its no problem and I quickly scribbled this down on a napkin and remembered it for later and punched these phrases into my smartphone with soundbytes just in case I forgot!

To repay John, we decided to take a day trip to Ronda as he recommended it. I’ve put a picture below, what a place absolutely stunning. Every view a postcard opportunity.


For the record, Spanish is also an official language in many countries spread across the four continents.

As Spanish is a Latin language, you will then realize that when you learn Spanish you are likely to gain an enhanced understanding of English terminology.

In this regard it is interesting to note that English and Spanish share an Indo-European origin, thus establishing similar grammatical rules.


In essence, there can be no better way of learning English than learning some other language, because the act of learning will cause you to analyze the origin and construction of your own language.

However, this scenario has slowly altered. In fact, Spanish-speaking people are now located throughout the country, even close to the Canadian border.

Although visiting these places does not necessarily require the visitor to speak Spanish, it is always advantageous to learn the Spanish language in order to communicate better with people and to share their local culture.

Maybe this is because learning a foreign language takes time. At a deeper level however, it is clear that learning another language is also to learn how other people think and act. Hence to learn Spanish is to learn the culture of Spanish people.

Thus, it is additional knowledge that stays with you and enhances your understanding of different peoples around the world. Spanish is an interesting language in that provides a wealth of literature, both contemporary and classical.


The Spanish language is an easy one to learn. As Spanish has a distinct similarity to the English language, it should not prove too difficult for any native English speaker who wishes to learn it.

Basically, find any Spanish term and you will instinctively know how it is pronounced.

Although learning this language still requires hard work and dedication, the basic grammar is simple and straightforward and therefore, after few lessons, you should manage to have a fruitful conversation using Spanish.

Learning Spanish can be good fun, and you never know when your ability to speak it might just help you to overcome an otherwise difficult situation.

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